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    Double Bar D Farms is family owned and operated. It currently has 3 generations of the Dimler family working together. It started in 1968 with 640 acres and 7 bred heifers and now has expanded to 30,000 acres with 1,000 head of purebred cattle.

    It is our aim to maintain integrity and good relationships in all of our dealings. This progressive family farm continues to grow and expand and we continue to improve work relationships.

    As much as we strive for personal success we take equal pride in seeing other succeed.

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    Lot 1.. sale day fast approaching!

    We are pretty excited to be offering up such an exciting herd bull prospect. He has everything we are looking for in a polled fullblood. Deep bodied, loose hided, long bodied and power to spare. As always with Motown progeny, foot quality is unparalleled.
    These types of bulls dont come around often, so tie in to this one with confidence that he will be a breed leading polled fullblood for many years to come.

    Hope to see you on Tuesday at the farm!

    Ken 3066977204
    Logan 3064517229


    Videos are Up!

    Videos are up! If you have any questions or would like to come see the bulls prior to sale day give Ken or Logan a call.
    Ken (306) 697-7204
    Logan (306) 451-7229



    Lot 87 RLD 549K ~ Sale Day 9 days away!

    Lot 87 RLD 549K
    Super attractive and sound bull. He has a pedigree loaded with donors. 8543U shows up 3 times in his pedigree, and just for good measure our very best black cow, 425B is in there as well.
    His sire W/C Relent 007G is filling our replacement pen with powerful, yet ultra attractive females that we plan to build around.
    An excellent opportunity to inject some very predictable bloodlines into your herd!

    Join us on the 28th for our 23rd annual bull sale!

    Ken 3066977204
    Logan 3064517229


    Lot 9 RLD 38K

    Lot 9 RLD 38K is a sale feature in every sense of the word. Polled fullbloods dont often come around in a package as well rounded as this.
    Hairy, big hipped, long sided and with tons of volume. Not to mention being backed by a cow family known throughout the breed for producing the right kind, time and time again.
    His dam FGAF BARBARELLA 193B, a direct daughter of the famous Barbarella 839L is donor here and although already 9 years of age, has many years of production ahead of her. Cow power and foot and udder quality runs deep in this cow family.

    Join us at the farm on February 28th for our 23rd annual bull sale and please do not hesitate to contact us regarding your herd bull needs!
    Ken (306)6977204
    Logan (306)4517229


    Double Bar D Farms strives to reach a new level in the production of superior breeding cattle genetics, efficiency in grain production, and uphold the values and dedication needed to build a strong base of friends, family, and customers for the betterment of agriculture and related industries.