Double Bar D Farms is feeling super blessed as we reflect on our sale yesterday! Thanks goes out to T Bar C for going above and beyond, Dan Skeels,co-auctioneer,ring men,Don, Ben, Mark, Our crew--Vince, Andrew, Albert and Lani,Terry, George, Lourens, Ben, Ory, Gary, Danni, Tanner, Hayden, Matthew and Ken J,-- Mark Shologan- supplying online bidding/viewing, Bouchard Livestock, Bohrson, Bruce Holmquist, Bonnie with Alameda Insurance, Smokin Okies for the noon meal, family and extended family and Colleen for 'filling the gaps'.

Special thanks for all who attended, bid in person, via telephone or online and purchased!

We wish you every success with your animal(s)! Special thanks to:

  • Virginia Ranch for purchasing the high selling bull, lot 9 for $130,000.
  • Spruce View Acres for purchasing the second high selling bull, lot 10 for $60,000.
  • Crossroads Simmentals for purchasing lot 47 for $25,500.
  • SAJ Simmentals for purchasing Lot 95 for $23,000.
  • High selling female lot 176b sold to Ashworth Farms for $15,000.

Best Sale ever!!